Ipala Volcano

29 de Junio 2015

A visit to the amazing lagoon at the crater of Ipala Volcano provides de tourist a great blue view both in the sky and in the clear water. No mather how hot the weather is, it is always fresh at the summit.

Ipala Volcano

The blue laggon is one of the main attractions to the area. It is located between Jutiapa and Chiquimula. the dificulty level is quite easy, so it provides great walks for both family, friends and more experienced explorers. It counts with several routes, some require a great level of condition, but the most famous is simply an easy trek. The rain makes possible to keep a clear lagoon at the crater. Fishing is not allowed anymore as this is a protected area since some years ago. The lagoon used to be larger but with time, people around the volcano started using it's waters to provide of such vital liquid to their families. This has been avoided to preserve the area

To reach the volcano you have to travel from Guatemala City to Carretera al Atlántico. You can visit Jutiapa on the way until you reach "El Arenal", wich is a turn to the left that previously was a place with lots of sand. Now you can find several fruit stores there.

From there, you follow the road and after a few minutes, following the signs, you will find the trek. This popupar route is quite easy as is very close to the summit. These days you will have to pay a small fee to enter the area as there is a group in charge of the security and cleaning of the area.

Some very safe installations have been builted to provide visitors a place to stay. Made with volcanic rocks, is is a confortable and clean place for groups. But don't forget that the luxury in this kind of trips is found inside your tent while you wait for the sunset or the sunrise. Jutiapa has a very warm weather but you don't have to subestimate the cold you can get to feel at the summit, as the volcano is cold and windy. Make sure you bring enough water and proper clothes.


 At the end of your trip to the summit, wich can take one day only, you can visit Jutiapa for a meal and buy some of the great products... milk and cheese, famouse all around for it's quality and tasty flavor.

You can spend the afternoon at the park while enjoying some of the food at sale at the place. Ipala Volcano is an easy start for beginners in the world of mountains. It is a great ascent for those who plan to keep doing harder stuff later. Don't forget that is also a perfect place for an ascent with friends or family.


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